Phase 1
Event 1: Ideation Sessions

The aim of this session is to generate a large quantity of ideas that the team can then filter and cut down into the best, most practical or most innovative ones in order to inspire new and better design solutions and products.
Ideation Will Help You:
Ask the right questions and innovate with a strong focus on your users, their needs, and your insights about them.
Step beyond the obvious solutions and therefore increase the innovation potential of your solution.
Create volume and variety in your innovation options.
Get obvious solutions out of your heads and drive your team beyond them.

Event 2: Master Class
Learn from the best of the best. Gain insights from industry experts. This is an open activity-based session where start-up founders share their journey, let you in on industry secrets and discuss fundamental lessons that will help your idea reach the next level.
Practical application of their idea in the session will give you invaluable knowledge and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Event 3: Round Table
A session where art meets science, math meets geography i.e. where you the student get to voice your opinion and discuss world events, creations and politics with experienced faculty from diverse backgrounds. Come together and interact in order to expand conversation beyond the classroom. A discussion where students can explore and understand new ideas and domains still unexplored.

Phase 2
Intensive Training Program
This program is spread over 6 months where the students learn about all the basics of launching a start-up. This training program includes informal discussions, consultation sessions, mentorship and invaluable discussions on the A to Z of everything.
Sessions on research, market identification, legal aspects, Marketing and Branding, Operations and so on are a part of this program. After the completion of this intensive training program the teams will be ready to make their own business plans from their ideas.

Phase 3
The Final Pitch
The selected teams after the intensive training program go on to the next and the final phase. This phase consists of the teams pitching their final business plan and their future plans in front of a panel of judges.