Rules & Regulation

Submissions and Timeline

 Stage 1: Submission of Responses


  1. The teams are to be registered by the team leader through and fill in team member details, create a community profile (optional) to enable a connect with fellow entrepreneurs and mentors.
  2. Teams are to fill in responses to the 5 questions in the submission column by the given deadline in the timeline. 
  3. The shortlisted teams shall be declared on our website.



 Stage 2: Submission of Business Plan


  1. The Shortlisted Teams will be asked for the complete business plan. The team would be required to send Comprehensive Business Plan not exceeding 25 pages (excluding exhibits & references). The exhibits & references would be a maximum 5   pages. In the event of the document exceeding the page limit mentioned above, the Reviewing Panel would be obliged to read only the pages included in the limit. We urge each Team to strictly stick comply with this page limit and in no circumstance exceed it.
  2. Detailed Business Plan should be in PDF format. Format details: Times New Roman, 12 point, 1” margins all around.
  3. Apart   from   elaborating on the above-mentioned parameters, the complete business plan should include:
    1. Cover page
    2. Team Background
    3. Executive Summary
    4. Company introduction
    5. Customer needs/problems
    6. Solution to the problem
    7. Fund history (if any)
    8. Target Markets
    9. Sales & Marketing plans
    10. Products & Road map
    11. Operations
    12. Management
    13. Financials
    14. Risk
    15. Competition
    16. Appendices

*This is not an exhaustive list

  1. The teams are required to submit their Business Plan . 
  2. The shortlisted teams shall be announced on


Round 3 : The Final Pitch


Finally the top 10 teams will be called to the Mumbai campus of NMIMS to pitch their idea to our esteemed panel of judges.Details about this round will be shared later.

Stay tuned to for more details.

For any specific query, please reach out to