Ideate. Innovate. Plan. 

What We Do?

Chancellor’s Challenge aims to propagate an entrepreneurial community on the campus by eliciting the innovative and entrepreneurial minds in the students through which they would be able to inspire, ideate, explore and build upon their dreams. SVKM’s Flagship Entrepreneurial Development initiative wants students to break out of their comfort zone and dream big. Our entrepreneurial community is where you can meet like-minded individuals with a spark to change the future with their innovative ideas.

Over a span of 9 months, watch yourself transform your innovative idea into a business venture. We seek to enable innovative ideas to become successful start ups by providing activity based training, mentoring, consultation etc. 

Top 3 Teams will get Prize Money worth 10 Lakhs.


“I want my students to dream and believe that dreams can come true. I challenge my students to launch their own start-up and come up with the next big idea.
We are waiting.”

-Shri Amrish Patel

Chancellor, SVKM NMIMS

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Ideate with us and put your idea to test in our Ideation sessions and discuss innovative ideas in a peer review group at
our Mixers. Phase 1 is all about experimenting unexplored areas and giving shape to your idea. Our community is our strongest asset and we want you to be a part of it. Make sure you submit the answers to the 5 simple questions before the deadline ,make your team profile and confirm your registration for the challenge. 

Submissions close on 31st October 2018 at 11:59 PM. 

The selected teams qualify for the most exciting 3 month journey of our activity-based training course on Planning Your Business. This covers everything and anything you would need to know about the various aspects of making an effective Business Plan and testing it. At the end, participants will submit a comprehensive business plan.
The shortlisted teams will present their business plan to an expert panel and winners will receive funding. Pitching training and assistance for doing a Pilot of the Business will be provided to these shortlisted teams.